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copyright  2013 sonia curtis.

Sonia Curtis was introduced to Hollywood through her father, a successful stuntman, as she visited sets regularly at a young age. After extensive training in film, television, commercial workshops and private voice coaching, Sonia began working as a professional actress and singer. 

Sonia established Get Real Productions in 1999 as a way to collaborate with other talented artists and create projects for film, TV and theater. She began teaching specialized classes for actors in intimate settings tailored for small groups which she currently continues to make herself available. After teaching and coaching actors in Los Angeles for several years, Sonia was asked to direct several short films for fellow actors. She has also produced several projects including the short film “Deception” and the play Pulitzer Prize winning play “Crimes of the Heart” in the Los Angeles Area.  

In 2012 Sonia was nominated for best actress in the short film category at the New York City International Film Festival for her role in "Deception." and she was offered the role of Deputy Deborah Goodrich in the feature film "Relentless Justice."

Sonia enjoys working as an actress, coach, director and producer and collaborating with other talented artists in order to bring projects of relevance and social significance to the world.

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