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"I remember hearing about Sonia's class though a friend of mine. I also remember telling him that I wasn't interested, because of the poor experiences I've had with other coaches. But I wanted to keep with my craft, so I went. Sonia's class was a breath of fresh air; an 'actor friendly' experience that made me feel as if I were home. I remember praying that I find just the right acting coach. Someone who will push me -- not too much, but enough to help the actor come alive. She was that perfect ratio. Thank you for all your help Sonia! I'm now working, and it helps me to have you on my side! God bless."

Chadwick Pelletier
"Vampire Assassin," The Agency" (CBS), "Road Rules" (MTV)


"Sonia's class was not only fun but also highly demanding and ultimately a great training ground for the auditions I will face in the future...I feel 100% ready to act with total confidence in my God-given abilities that Sonia honed and sharpened, as iron sharpens iron.... Sonia's class prepared me for the play and the short film I just finished working on. I credit Sonia for bringing out my natural ability as an actor and polishing it until now where I shine..."

Carolyn Christian (SAG)
"A DIstant Shore," "Too Good To Be True"


"I spent 8 or 9 yrs studying acting and found myself in 6 or 7 different acting classes along the way. Sonia's class was by far the best class experience I had for the year or so I was there. Sonia gives the actor the best enviornment to feel comfortable in as well as connects with you in ways unlike many teachers that can help you reach your full potential as an actor. I feel very fortunate to have been in one of her classes."


Jason Fields is currently in the process of bringing a film that he wrote, Produced, Directed, and starred in to the box office.  The film is called Midrange and information about the film can be found at

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