Sonia Curtis Actor Director Coach

Sonia Curtis Actor Director Coach

Sonia Curtis Actor Director CoachSonia Curtis Actor Director CoachSonia Curtis Actor Director Coach

Sonia Curtis Actor Director Coach

Sonia Curtis Actor Director Coach

Sonia Curtis Actor Director CoachSonia Curtis Actor Director CoachSonia Curtis Actor Director Coach



A Lifetime of Acting

 A Hollywood native, Sonia Curtis began training and working as a professional actress at a young age. She booked one of her first auditions on the prime time TV show "Falcon Crest" and then a recurring role on "Days of Our Lives." She played the Peasant girl in the cult classic "Monster Squad" as well as a recurring guest star role  on "Family Ties," as Amy Sussman. After  starring in several other well known feature films including "Black Demons" and working alongside many well known celebrities; Sonia was asked to coach and direct actors which lead to producing and directing several projects for Film and Theater.



 In 2012 Sonia was nominated for best actress  at the NYCIFF in "Deception" a short film she produced and starred in. In 2016  Sonia won Best Actress in International Film at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival for her role of Vera in "Stressed To Kill."


Current Projects

Sonia is currently filming the role of Auntie in the Feature "Killer Selfie," A Dan Frank Film. Sonia Has also coached actors privately and in classes since 1999, and continues to make herself available for teaching engagements. 

Sonia Curtis Demo Reel

Scenes from "Relentless Justice" "Boston Strangler, The Untold Story" Stressed To Kill"   " When Your Friends Get Too Deep Into Yoga" "Deception" and "So Little Time" 

Sonia Curtis Resume


Killer Selfie                     Supporting        Dan Frank/Upward Rising Development

Stressed to Kill *            Starring             Mark Savage/SGL Entertainment

Relentless Justice           Starring             David A Prior/Night Claws Productions

Deception **                  Starring              Pamela Dresser/Get Real Productions

The Boston Strangler     Co-Star              Michael Feifer/Lions Gate Films

Vertical Bridge               Starring             Shane McLoughlin/MCL Productions 

Father ***                      Starring             D. David Morin/777 Productions

Terminal Bliss                Starring             Jordan Alan/Canon Films 

Evil Lives Starring        Thunder Levin    Boomerang Pictures

Black Demons                Starring             Umberto Lenzi/Oro Filmakers Ltd.

Nowhere To Run            Co-Star              Carl Franklin/Concorde New Horizons

Monster Squad               Co-Star              Fred Dekker/Tristar Pictures


Slanted                            Co-Star              Christina Anderlini/Slanted Productions

So Little Time (2 Ep)      Co-Star              Jean Sagal/ABC Family

Roseanne (2 Ep)              Guest Star         John Pasquin/ABC

The Marshall Chronicles  Guest Star         Mathew Diamond/ABC

Family Ties (Recurring)  Guest Star          Sam Weissman/Paramount-NBC

Hunter                             Guest Star         Michael Preece/NBC

Falcon Crest (2 Ep)          Guest Star         Lorimar/CBS

A Deadly Silence              Co-Star              John Patterson/Robert Greenwald Prods.

Days of Our Lives(16 Ep)Recurring          Columbia/NBC


The Door A Musical Nikita Lisa Verlo/Sierra Madre Playhouse 

Laundry and Bourbon Hattie Frayne Rosanoff/Underground 

Crimes of the Heart Lenny Veronica DiPippo/Get Real Productions

Master Builder Aline  Lori Stone/People’s Theater

Importance of Being Earnest Gwendolyn Dana Koellner/People’s Theater 

California Suite Beth & Diana Lori Stone/Paradigm 4 Productions

Choices aka The Sixth Man Becky Todd Black/Coast Playhouse

Spring Awakening Ina Mueller Michael Arabian/Odyssey Theatre


Mike Pointer HISYC Commercial Acting Classes 2019

Larry Moss Master Classes-Scene Study 2006-2015

Michelle Danner Advanced Scene Study/Technique 2005-2006

Jean Louis Rodrigue Alexander Technique/Body Work 2006- 2015

Patsy Rodenburg Shakespeare/Voice 2006-2008

Get Real Acting Classes/Coaching  Founder and Teacher/Private Coach 1999- Current

Cameron Thor Scene Study/Class Assistant 1996-1998

Roy London/Ivana Chubbick Scene Study/Class Assistant 1990-1992

Sandra Seacat Scene Study/Sense Memory 1986-1988

Carolyn Barry Advanced Commercial/Casting Director Workshop 

*Best Actress Melbourne Int Film Fest **Best Actress Nominee NYCIFF Shorts ***Best Film 

Acting Coach and Acting Classes 310-367-6603

Private Coaching and Acting Classes

Private Coaching

Sonia Curtis works with actors one on one to prepare them for auditions and bookings. 

Contact Sonia at 310-367-6603 Or Email

Acting Classes

To be added to a wait list for upcoming group classes contact Sonia Curtis for more info.

"Creativity is the Source of All Life" Sonia Curtis


Mei Melancon

Chadwick Pelletier

Chadwick Pelletier


Sonia is a wonderful teacher and actor. She is patient and extremely intuitive. Plus she’s kind and always explains things with humor and knows how to break down a script. I’ve coached with her, had the pleasure to work with her as an actor in class with Larry Moss as well as cast her in some of the projects I’ve produced. I have amazing, powerful memories from all of our experiences. — Mei Melançon 

Chadwick Pelletier

Chadwick Pelletier

Chadwick Pelletier


"I remember hearing about Sonia's class though a friend of mine. I also remember telling him that I wasn't interested, because of the poor experiences I've had with other coaches. But I wanted to keep with my craft, so I went. Sonia's class was a breath of fresh air; an 'actor friendly' experience that made me feel as if I were home. I remember praying that I find just the right acting coach. Someone who will push me -- not too much, but enough to help the actor come alive. She was that perfect ratio. Thank you for all your help Sonia! I'm now working, and it helps me to have you on my side! God bless."  Chadwick Pelletier

"Superfly" "Boxed" "For Blood" "She Will Be Loved"

"Vampire Assassin," The Agency"

Raquel Brussolo

Chadwick Pelletier

Raquel Brussolo


"I've worked with Sonia on several different projects in both Film and Theater for over 8 years. I have always known her to be professional, likable, passionate, intelligent, and honest. With her ability and passion, Sonia has exceeded all expectations in every project we worked on. Her diligence and hard work have made each project special, as her strong work ethic and talent have made the projects even better. Sonia has also coached me for several auditions. Her input and instincts helped me bring out my best so I could shine in every role. Sonia also directed me in a film project. As a director, I can testify that Sonia made everyone feel comfortable on set. The cast had various levels of experience, but Sonia was very patient and was able to pull out great performances from all. Having produced several projects myself, I look for people who are not only talented but also have great character and integrity. Sonia has it all." Raquel Brussolo 

Jason Fields

Jason Fields

Raquel Brussolo


"I spent 8 or 9 yrs studying acting and found myself in 6 or 7 different acting classes along the way. Sonia's class was by far the best class experience I had for the year or so I was there. Sonia gives the actor the best enviornment to feel comfortable in as well as connects with you in ways unlike many teachers that can help you reach your full potential as an actor. I feel very fortunate to have been in one of her classes.”  

Jason Fields

Jason Fields is currently in the process of bringing a film that he wrote, Produced, Directed, and starred in to the box office.  The film is called Midrange and information about the film can be found at 

Paul Major

Jason Fields

Paul Major


"I had the pleasure of being directed, briefly, by Sonia a few years ago as we attempted to mount a production of "The Sea Horse" by Edward Moore. There are many challenges in mounting a play, and we hit the ultimate brick wall; the request for production rights was declined.

In a testament to Sonia's ethics we collectively decided not to pursue production, honoring the wishes of the Moore estate (out here in LA a lot gets produced regardless of whether it should be, and folks generally get away with it..). As a director I found that I instantly trusted her instincts and found her very warm, engaged, and insightful.

As an audience that has seen her acting I am pleased to report that she can 'do what she teaches', an oh-so-important component not always found in instruction out here.

You are in good hands with Sonia; she's the real deal." Paul Major


Arick Salmea

Carolyn Christian

Carolyn Christian


"Sonia Curtis is an amazing talent and teacher! She coached me on several occasions for various gigs over the years and her ease of communicating clear and insightful ideas was always a rare and valued commodity. I found her to be an important person to have in my corner. She’s had the endorsements of some of the best people in the industry and the moment you meet her you understand why; her calm and compassionate demeanor puts everyone at ease instantly and yet, she’s firm when she needs to be. She’s definitely someone you can trust in my opinion. You really can’t go wrong when you’re in her class. Highly recommend!”  

— Arick Salmea 

Carolyn Christian

Carolyn Christian

Carolyn Christian


"Sonia's class was not only fun but also highly demanding and ultimately a great training ground for the auditions I will face in the future...I feel 100% ready to act with total confidence in my God-given abilities that Sonia honed and sharpened, as iron sharpens iron.... Sonia's class prepared me for the play and the short film I just finished working on. I credit Sonia for bringing out my natural ability as an actor and polishing it until now where I shine…" Carolyn Christian (SAG) “A DIstant Shore" "Too Good To Be True” “Seven Attempts to LA”

Sonia Curtis Studio and Get Real Productions 310-367-6603

Sonia Curtis Studio and Get Real Productions 310-367-6603


Contact Sonia To get on the waitlist for scene study classes or for one on one private coaching.

Sonia Curtis Studio and Get Real Productions 310-367-6603

Sonia Curtis Studio and Get Real Productions 310-367-6603

Sonia Curtis Studio and Get Real Productions 310-367-6603

Sonia Curtis Director Reel

Sonia Curtis Director's Reel

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